Welcome to the website of Robin van Arsdol.

14. November 2011

Metro Art

The passers-by in the underground stations of Berlin have been surprised. Only one fights against graffiti and now everything becomes coloured. Thanks to Robin van Arsdol stations are brightly painted in the Berlin underground on shutters and walls. Robin shows that everybody can provoce real art without wild destruction by graffiti. The Deutsche Bahn AG is  official partner of R.V. and supports this art project vigorously.

21. September 2011

Wall Art

Robin van Arsdol is a passionate painter and designer. Especially walls and large objects are his favorits. To paint a piece of the famous Berlin Wall was always one of his biggest dreams he wanted to realize. Now he painted one of this historic concret blocks and made those lively through intense colours. His  tulip motives transmit his vision of peace and energy in all parts of the world.

The fantastic wall piece will be part of his next exhibition in 2012.

18. July 2011

Actual Artwork

With the slogan “back to the roots” R.V., Robin van Arsdol is returning back to his beginning as Street Art Performer. Angular, bold motives in the street art style are a new/old version of Robin´s creative work. Recurring signs and themes in a strong contrast with colors and background form a unit with social criticism.

Some of his actual art pieces you can see here


15. June 2011

At the ArtBasel 2011

Robin van Arsdol visited the Art Basel in Basel/Switzerland  and made many cooperations and contacts to artist, gallery owners from New York, Zürich, Stockholm, Madrid to Berlin. R.V. will attend as guest and artist 2011 and 2012 in numerous galleries and exhibitions. Latest exhibitions have been in Berlin and Cologne.

12. June 2011

Body Painting Performance and Screaming Man

The pop art legende R.V., presented in the gallery 30works his actual work. The opening of the exhibition in the gallery was celebrated by a hommage to Yves Klein. The “Antropometries” of Klein have been transformed in a spectacular bodypainting performance. The naked female body served the artist as instrument for an imprint on canvas.The “Screaming Man”, one of R.V.´s famous motives, is part of the exhibition at the gallery 30works. Not only on canvas you can admire the “Screaming Man”, also as wooden sculptures the heads have been created by the artist.R.V. become famous as street art performer and artist. He extended his reportoire beside graffiti, paintings and graphics to many exciting  fields.