“My Black Tulip is a metaphor for man’s frailty and his sensitivity.
We as men think we are invincible, but the reality is we can perish
just as quickly as a flower. Let a building fall on us or get hit by a car.
The reality is we are vulnerable not invincible.

Man is a very sensitive and emotional animal. But to show your
emotions, as a man, is to show your weakness. My tulips are usually
black, because they are hiding their emotions. Are we, as men allowed
to cry? We all do, but to show it is unacceptable in our society. In fact,
I cry a lot, especially in church or at a wedding.

I also use the colour pink with my tulips. I love the colour pink. But in
our society, it is a homophobic colour and not to be used by “real men”.
I believe that God loves all people. – Did I say all people? To categorize
sexuality and to make us phobic about the use of a colour, to me is very
strange. My tulip is emotional, sensitive, and even though he is black he
loves the colour pink.”

Robin van Arsdol 2009